Evil abortion activists kill “baby Jesus” outside Catholic church

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 by

The feminist movement certainly has evolved over the past few decades. Years ago, feminism was about equal opportunity and equality under the law. It was a civil, well-organized effort to bring attention to the very real gender-based discrimination that occurred at that time. Since then, significant progress has been made and women today have just as much opportunity as their male counterparts. Yet even though equality has largely been achieved, the feminist movement lives on – and it has become a dark, ugly shadow of its former self.

It’s hard to tell today whether or not the feminist movement is actually trying to gain credibility, or whether all of the demonstrations, marches and speeches are all one big cry for attention. While civil and rational debate on issues like abortion and birth control should never be suppressed, it’s hard to take a group seriously when they make their arguments while wearing “pussy” hats on their heads. The reality is that what the modern day feminists believe is bold and edgy, average people see as laughable and even disturbing.

Take, for example, a recent demonstration that occurred outside of a local Catholic Church in Argentina. A small group of pro-abortion activists staged a gruesome abortion scene of baby Jesus, with one of the women dressing up as the Virgin Mary. According to CNS News, the woman wore a white dress, a blue veil, and a crown of flowers.

The scene looked as though it was taken straight out of a Saw movie. In one of the pictures taken of the demonstration, the woman portraying the Virgin Mary is seen smiling as four other women in “pussy hats” surround her, cutting apart the fake aborted fetus as it “comes out” of her. A significant amount of fake blood was used in the demonstration as well, making it all the more disturbing. In the photo, a man is even seen filming the scene in the background.

The vile demonstration, which was put on to draw attention to Argentina’s pro-life laws on International Women’s Day, raises some serious questions about the new feminist movement that need to be asked.

First, the question remains: Do feminists want people to take them seriously? If they really believe that they are oppressed because of their genitalia, and they are serious about implementing change in America, Argentina and around the world, it would make sense that their movement should be carried out in a civil, rational and mature manner. What we commonly see, however, are immature reactions to what they consider to be serious issues, thus jeopardizing their credibility. For instance, if there really were a gender wage gap as they claim, the response to that should be peaceful protests, civil debates and possibly even proposed legislation to congress, not marching through the streets without clothes on.

In this way, the feminists are actually doing more harm than good. The more they raise their voices and the more they make themselves known, the less people view them as a legitimate, credible movement.

With respect to the disturbing demonstration displayed by the pro-abortion feminists in Argentina, it makes one question just how little they care about innocent life. Using fake blood and dismembered fetus parts goes far beyond “standing up for women’s rights” and makes these women seem like sociopaths. The activist who portrayed the Virgin Mary even smiled while “blood” gushed out of her body and onto the street as if the idea of aborting a baby is one big joke. (RELATED: Read about Donald Trump’s ban on federally funded abortions).

There is nothing funny about the abortion process, and there is nothing respectable about publically portraying the death of baby Jesus. The sooner feminists around the world realize what a joke their movement has become, the sooner they will be able to gain some credibility back.





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