Will Democrats now blame car dealers for selling cars to evil people who use them to run over pedestrians?

In response to the New Zealand massacre, brainless Leftists are going nuts calling for the gun dealer where alleged shooter Brenton Tarrant purchased some of his legally-owned firearms – but not the AR-15 that he supposedly used during the shooting, it’s important to note – to somehow be held responsible for Tarrant’s crimes.

According to reports, anti-gun liberals want “Gun City,” a chain of gun stores located throughout New Zealand, to be charged with murder for legally selling Tarrant four different firearms between November 2017 and March 2018.

Even though none of these legally-purchased firearms were involved in the alleged shooting, both Leftist and the far-Left mainstream media are demanding blood from the gun chain’s owner and CEO, David Tripple, who says his stores did absolutely nothing wrong when they sold Tarrant firearms in accordance with New Zealand law.

“We detected nothing extraordinary about this license holder,” Tripple is quoted as saying about Tarrant. “I watched the video, I saw the rifle and I know for sure where it came from if it has a serial number I expect and it is not affiliated with any Gun City store,” he added during a recent press conference.

Upon being further badgered by the media about whether or not he felt personally responsible for the massacre, Tripple gave an emphatic, “No, I do not,” explaining that it’s the responsibility of New Zealand police to properly vet anyone to whom they grant a “class A firearms license,” which Tarrant held.

“I had my grandson ask me, ‘granddad, why would people say guns are the problem? The guy was crazy.’ He’s six,” Tripple further stated, pointing out that his underage grandson has more sense than the anti-gun mainstream media.

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Using liberal “logic,” anyone who makes or sells anything that’s been involved in a crime should also be held criminally liable for that crime

When pressed yet again to support the cause of more gun control, Tripple pointed out the fact that the alleged shooter’s manifesto clearly states that one of his goals with the attack was to divide people and push more gun control – meaning the liberal media is falling right into his trap.

“This man wrote in his manifesto that the purpose of using a firearm was to divide us,” Tripple stated. “If we allow him to make changes in our ideology and our behavior, then he’s won.”

“What we are doing is legal and the majority of people have put in place the Government that set those laws and we are abiding by those laws, which enables us as citizens to peacefully enjoy legitimate activity,” Tripple added.

It’s important to point out the fact that, based on the liberal line of “logic” that gun dealers should be held criminally responsible for gun crimes, all retailers or manufacturers that sell products involved in crimes should also be treated as such.

Car manufacturers, for instance, should thus be taken to court and prosecuted every time a person gets into a car accident and harms or kills someone else. Knife manufacturers should also face similar prosecution whenever someone gets stabbed. And the list goes on.

“Placing blame on the gun dealer does nothing but remove personal responsibility from the equation,” writes Beth Baumann for Townhall.com. “If people know they’ll never be held responsible for their actions. Get in an accident? Blame the car. Gain weight? Sue the soda company. Fall from a latter? Go after the manufacturer [sic].”

“At what point do we stop blaming everyone else for this massacre? He took 50 lives. Not the gun dealer. Not the ammo manufacturer. Not the gun maker. Him,” she adds.

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