Gender-confused liberals berate “women only” spa for not allowing male genitals to be displayed by transgenders… HUH?

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The anything-goes gender madness gospel that says there’s no such thing as men or women anymore is aggressively encroaching on gender-exclusive businesses that specifically cater to one or the other sex. A women-only therapy spa in Toronto, for instance, is now being accused of embracing “transphobic” policies simply because it refuses to allow individuals who identify as females, but who have male genitalia, to use the all-nude facility.

The issue arose after a spa regular by the name of Shelley Marshall tried to bring along her transgender friend for a day of pampering at the Body Blitz Spa but was turned away. Marshall’s friend has apparently not undergone gender reassignment surgery, and therefore was not allowed to enter the facility due to the company’s policy.

Another LGBT activist by the name of Jia Qing Wilson-Yan, also a transgender, says she was turned away as well after learning that male genitalia isn’t welcome at the Body Blitz Spa. Angered that they weren’t given the red carpet treatment and told to just come on in, the duo apparently started a witch hunt against the business, falsely accusing it of “discrimination” for simply upholding a policy that respects the other 99.99999 percent of its clientele that expects to see only women when using the spa.

In typical selfish fashion, these two transgenders aren’t at all concerned about protecting the safety of the actual women who use the Body Blitz Spa, as allowing male genitalia inside the facility in order to cater to fake women opens the door to potential sexual assault by men who might try to take advantage of this more “inclusive” policy. No, the only thing these two transgender individuals care about is themselves.

Canadian gender studies professor: Some women have male sexual parts

Sadly, they’re not alone in their delusions of entitlement. In support of their little crusade is York University Gender Studies professor Sheila Cavanagh, who told the media that she believes transgenders should be welcomed at single-sex facilities. In her world, it’s also perfectly normal for women to have male sexual parts, and everyone else should just accept this.

“There are many ways of being trans and there are many ways of being a woman,” Cavanagh told the National Post. “What is between our legs is our own business.”

Except that it’s not when you’re in the presence of other people, all of whom are naked just like yourself. Apparently, Cavanagh needs a quick primer in biology to understand that a penis looks different than a vagina, and that the two simply can’t coexist in full glory and still be considered single-sex.

What Cavanagh and people like her are demanding is nothing short of social tyranny, in which the interests of a very small minority are given preference over the majority. There’s nothing to stop transgenders from using single-sex facilities that match their genitalia, after all. It’s not rocket science, and expecting anything more, as Cavanagh and her social justice allies are insisting, borders on mental derangement.

The good news is that Body Blitz Spa is sticking to its policy, refusing to be railroaded by militant, gender-confused liberals with an ax to grind. Many of the club’s members agree, including a woman by the name of Rachel Ralison who had this to say to the facility via social media:

“Thank you for standing up for women. Private spaces for naked female bodies. Identity irrelevant.”

Meanwhile, the Canadian government appears to be joining the other side in considering a “non-discrimination” policy that, if enacted, would eliminate all gender-exclusive spaces and force them to accept anyone.



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