Culture assault: New Roseanne series pushes transgenderism to children with “gender fluid” 9-year-old

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The Hollywood filth factory is gearing up to release yet another racy “reboot” of a television show from the past, in this instance the crass 1990s sitcom Roseanne. The new show will pick up where the old one left off with the unveiling of two new characters: the male and female children of the Darlene (Sarah Gilbert) and David (Johnny Galecki) characters. But in typical anti-male pop culture fashion, the boy, depicted as being just 9 years old, will reportedly be cast as an effeminate, “gender fluid” adolescent with both male and female characteristics.

Named Mark, this character will have a “gender creative” persona marked by “sensitive and effeminate” traits. The show’s writers, which include Roseanne Barr herself, have clearly indicated that they want Mark to display “qualities of both young female and male traits,” which will make the child network television’s first androgynous, transgender icon. The only other such character, “Asia Kate Dillon,” exists on the cable television show Billions, which is aired on Showtime.

Meanwhile, the daughter (the gender fluid being’s sister), will be cast as a 14- or 15-year-old prodigy with drive, purpose and gender clarity. Named Harris, this female character is set to be cast with an impressive resume of masculine traits – a kind-hearted, strong, humble, resolute and upwardly mobile wonder child who’s determined to achieve more in life than her blue-collar parents.

Sources indicate that, in contrast with Mark, Harris as the female will be the embodiment of confidence and clarity. She knows exactly what she wants, and she engages life with determination and clarity. An insider source describes her character as being smart but having “a big heart.” Mark, on the other hand, will embody the essence of everything that depraved Western culture wants to instill in the social psyche about males: that they’re weak, unstable and gender confused.

The evil Hollywood agenda: emasculate men and ’empower’ women

It’s really nothing new for Hollywood, though it does represent a first in the gross perversion of not only sexualizing pre-pubescent children but also portraying them as being sexually deviant in terms of their gender. Nearly everywhere you look in entertainment and media these days you’ll find masculinity depicted in a negative light, and femininity (or at least popular culture’s bastardized version of it) depicted in a positive light.

The routine depiction of men in Hollywood films and television as incompetent buffoons and childish fools has now been normalized thanks to many years of propaganda. But now the mainstream media and entertainment machine is descending into entirely new depths of sexual perversion – and with children as its victims, no less. And we have none other than the degenerate, loudmouthed Roseanne Barr to thank for it.

Bizarre as it might be, Barr has publicly credited the show’s return as having been made possible by the recent election win of Donald Trump, of whom she’s been a vocal supporter.

Perhaps it’s because Roseanne featured a blue-collar family, representing a large segment of President Trump’s supporters, that she believes this. Whatever the case may be, Barr is nothing but proud to be able to further corrupt the minds of the next generation by toying with gender confusion, which is all the rage these days among the degenerate and conscience-seared who hold positions of power and influence in mass media and entertainment.

“Movies, TV, music — these have all proven to be extremely effective vehicles for Leftism. The most effective, I’d say. Especially when it comes to kids,” wrote Matt Walsh for The Blaze about the brainwashing agenda that’s present even in children’s films and television shows. “When kids are exposed to this kind of thing, in that kind of context, they inevitably come away from it feeling exactly as the filmmakers want them to feel: that this is normal, healthy, good, desirable.”

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