James Woods posts footage of Kimmel degrading woman while she’s not looking

Friday, April 13, 2018 by

Al Franken should be outraged.

(Article by Joe Saunders republished from ConservativeTribune.com)

Jimmy Kimmel, darling of liberal elites and the late-night star of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” has carved out quite a career for himself lately as the scourge of conservatives. His past, though, might finally be catching up to him.

And conservative actor James Woods — master of the provocative Twitter post — is doing his part to make that happen.

In a tweet published this week, Woods resurrected a years-old video of Kimmel from “The Man Show,” in which the liberal host could be seen simulating sexual contact with an apparently oblivious woman.

To call the images “obscene” would be an understatement.

First, Kimmel pantomimes grabbing the woman’s buttocks with both hands. Then, he simulates performing oral sex on her before finally moving to mock penetration.

All around, it’s the kind of performance Harvey Weinstein would have been proud of.

Check out Woods’ tweet here. It’s captioned “Jimmy Kimmel doing his best Al Franken imitation…”


The post — re-tweeted almost 5,000 times by Wednesday afternoon — drew a heated response from Woods’ diverse Twitter following.

Some pointed out that if Kimmel was using the scene for a comedy show, he would have had to get the woman’s consent, at least after the fact. But for most, the actions were repugnant regardless.

Considering that Kimmel-loving liberals were frothing at the mouth just before the 2016 election over recorded statements from over a decade ago in which then-Republican candidate Donald Trump bragged harmlessly about his approach to women, Woods’ Twitter post really highlights the hypocrisy that motivates the left.

Some of those responding to Woods’ tweet pointed that out.

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